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Rituals and Ritualization

Ethnology and anthropology’s long-standing interest in rituals and beliefs associated with them has led to the elaboration of major theoretical propositions and numerous empirical studies that have permanently influenced the development of both disciplines. Typologies of rituals can be based on perceptions of time in human and natural environment, hence the frequent division of rituals according to life-cycle phases and types of calendars. Equally important are rituals related to everyday, reciprocal behaviour, the natural environment, politics, and economics. Finally, the focus on the role of rituals in socioeconomic and political processes is a major theme in the social sciences. Rituals can unite as well as separate people, communicating towards group members as well as outwards to those beyond their boundaries. Rituals establish both rules of interaction and norms of interpretation, even through symbolic subversion or enclosure. Human societies are thus permeated by rituals and ritualized practices.

The editors of the journal welcome theoretical and empirical studies, essays, and discussion papers on relevant topics, including the following:

  • Theoretical and methodological approaches in the study of rituals and ritualization
  • Ritual and socialization
  • Ritual, cooperation and community
  • Ritual, kinship, household
  • Gender aspects of ritualization
  • Ritual, metaphor and laughter
  • Ritual and religion
  • Ritual and magical practices
  • Ritual and evolution
  • Ritual and cognition
  • Ritual in processes of secularization
  • Rituals, politics and propaganda
  • Rituals and mass media
  • Ritualisation and intangible cultural heritage
  • Ritualised expressions of ethnic and national identity
  • The language of ritual and its reproduction in education
  • Ritual and consumption
  • Ritual and work
  • Ritual and globalization
  • Commercialization of ritual practices
  • Ritual as therapy

We are dedicating the upcoming issue of Etnologické magazine to Kornélia Jakubíková on the occasion of her life anniversary.

Study abstracts should be sent to the editors at and to guest editor H. Tužinska to by 31st March 2024.

Deadline for submission: 15th June 2024

Guest editor:
doc. Mgr. Helena Tužinská, PhD.

Comenius University in Bratislava, Faculty of Arts, Department of Archeology

Submission guidelines: please follow the submission guidelines on the website of the Ethnographic Society of Slovakia,