Basic information

On March 25, 2021, the ESS had 81 full members, 15 honorary members, and 6 collective members.

Information for membership applicants:

  1. The ESS membership can be full or honorary. In justified cases, the ESS may also accept collective members.
  2. Full membership is available for any scientist, expert or student from the field of ethnology or related disciplines. The membership should be recommended by two full ESS members. Full membership is also available for a person who does not meet the requirements of full membership, but who is involved in activity, which is beneficial for the ESS.
  3. An important domestic or foreign scientist or expert who significantly contributed to the development of ethnology in cooperation with the ESS may become an honorary member of the ESS. Honorary membership is granted by the General Assembly on a proposal from the Committee.
  4. Collective membership is available for a legal entity (usually scientific and educational institution, museum, etc.) represented by its authorized deputy. Decision about acceptation of a collective member is taken by the Committee.
  5. Membership starts on the day when the application is approved by the Committee and the membership fee is paid. The amount of the membership fee for the year 2021 is 20 € per year; for a student or a retired person the amount is 10 € per year. Honorary members do not pay the membership fee.
  6. The ESS member is obliged to pay membership fees regularly (with the exception of honorary members). Decision about the amount of the membership fee is taken by the General Assembly.